Comprehensive Data

Learn what it takes to make it in any category with an inside look at the prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any product on Amazon.

Full Dashboard

Easily manage all of your research in one place with an ultra-organized dashboard packed with all the information you need to find money-making products.

Accurate Sales Estimates

Our sales and revenue estimates are based on real figures from tens of thousands of live products.  Project the profitability of any niche with confidence.

Free Download

AMZ Tracker Unicorn Smasher is a 100% free Chrome extension, meaning you can save your money for what you should be spending it on – growing a business that makes you real sales.


AMZ Tracker Amazon SEO

Take the guesswork out of product selection

The right product can make all the difference in your business.  With Unicorn Smasher, you can stack the deck in your favor.  Our data-driven sales estimates show you exactly what’s selling on Amazon, and the detailed info we provide you for any listing lets you be sure you’re setting yourself up for success.
unicorn smasher by amz tracker

Save yourself weeks of tedious research

Unicorn Smasher takes just seconds to give you the metrics you want to see right inside your browser.  Instead of wasting hours creating unmanageable spreadsheets that just lead to dead ends, move quickly from niche to niche until you lock in on the right opportunity.

Escape the paralysis of analysis

Getting overwhelmed with so many factors to take into account?  The Unicorn dashboard (smashboard?) lets you manage all your research in a clean, comprehensive, and easy-to use format to help you quickly and confidently move on to the next step in your business.

Integrate with AMZ Tracker for an inside edge

AMZ Tracker subscribers will find it especially easy to gain an edge on other sellers.  Enter your potential competitors’ listings in the On-Page Analyzer to see if they’re optimized, then spy on their exact daily sales in the Sales Tracker.  A high-selling niche with unoptimized listings could mean a short road to the top of your category!

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Organized Dashboard

Manage all of your research in one place.

Sales Estimates

Monthly estimates based on real data from live Amazon listings.

Canonical URLs

Finally easily check how optimized a product’s canonical URL is.

Variation Statistics

Get accurate metrics for each of a product’s child variations.

Favorite Items

Quickly save your favorite searches for easy access.

Discreet Sharing Tool

Share your research without giving away the product or niche.

Export Tool

Download your research data in
.csv format.

In-browser Analysis

View sales & PPC metrics in your browser as you search Amazon.

Revenue Estimates

Accurately discover the money being made in any niche.

Quick Links

Jump to any product’s listing straight from your dashboard.

AMZ Tracker Integration

Find market gaps with AMZ Tracker’s Sales Tracker and On-Page Analyzer.

Fulfillment details

Know who you’re up against: FBA, FBM, or AMZ.

Multiple Seller Counter

Account for each of a product’s sellers.

Chrome Extension

No clunky software to download, and receive updates automatically.


Full help center and customer support.

Pink Branding

And unicorns. Lots of unicorns.

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